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Travel & hotels

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Arrival by train and public transport


Arriving by plane

The AIRPORT receives non-stop flights from major European cities.


Here you can book your desired hotel independently.

Event ticket

Event ticket at a nationwide fixed price, from any DB train station

Useful country information

Weather, currency, etc.

Warning! The company Conventus warns in connection with the revelation of fraudulent actions by companies that pose as contractual partners of the company Conventus and request credit card details of speakers, industry partners and participants by telephone under the pretext of alleged hotel bookings/exhibitor registrations, etc. Please do not provide such information to anyone who cannot clearly identify themselves as a Conventus employee. The company Conventus cannot be held liable for any damage. Conventus has already filed a criminal complaint. If you receive such contact, please let us know immediately. Preferably via Project Manager/Projectshortcut@conventus.de or by telephone at 00493641 3116DURCHWAHL.